Individuals Program

Individuals Program


CEO Presentation Secrets CEO的說話秘笈

Inspired by Steve Jobs and other CEOs in the world, this course aims to develop techniques and create a-million-dollar-worth stories for you.

受到Steve Jobs及其他成功CEO的啟發, 本課程專門為您提昇高管所需之說話技巧及創造價值百萬的故事。


Tailor-made for 為以下人士度身設計

  • Business Owner 公司創辦人
  • Manager Grade/ C -level 經理及行政人員
  • Individuals with frequent client interactions 有頻繁客戶交流之行業


Course Content 課程內容

  • Understanding your own presentation style & build new habits 了解個人的表達方式及建立新習慣
  • Master the art of captivating the audience 成功吸引聽眾的秘訣
  • Acquire C-level presentation tricks 建立公司高層表達魅力的特質
  • Bring your confidence in speaking up to the next level 提升說話自信至更高的層次

*Each participant will be required to deliver a presentation each week and receive a personalized comment
  每位參加者需每星期作一次台上匯報, 講師會個別地給予評語。


Course Info 課程資訊


To Become a Better You! 讓自己變得更好!






Action speaks louder than words!